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Drop Link Snapped Off
The drop link on the drivers side of my V8 snapped clean off at the joint were the rod meets the U shaped bracket. I have ordered a replacement pair which should arrive before the weekend. My question is, I seem to remember reading an article somewhere about this as been a known weak point on the drop link and that some additional welding around this joint solves the issue. Does anyone know of this?
Alan McLean
12/07/2012 @  10:39
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Drop Link Snapped Off
I donít recall an article highlighting this as a particular weak point but additional weld at the joint certainly wonít do any harm.
Geoff King
12/07/2012 @  20:38
Drop Link Snapped Off
I am puzzled by the term drop link. Could you reveal where I can find this suspect part on my V8?
Alan Rennie
13/07/2012 @  00:19
Drop Link Snapped Off
Al, Have a nose around your front suspension... Drop link connects the antiroll bar to the front lower wishbone arms.

Similarly to Geoff I can't recall an article about drop links needing to be beefed up? I can recall things being written about the need to improve the brackets on the front cross member for the steering rack - these car known to crack and fail on high mileage cars.
JC Moulds
13/07/2012 @  00:56
Drop Link Snapped Off
Geoff/JC, I must have been mistaken as regards the weld on the drop links being a weakness if you guy's are not aware of it, my concern was that with having a beefier anti roll bar fitted (7/8) that it was putting more pressure on the drop link and that's what caused it to snap off.
Alan McLean
13/07/2012 @  01:34
Drop Link Snapped Off
Iíve had a 7/8Ē ARB for the last ten years or so and while the drop links are adjustable with rose joints the U shaped end is as standard and has never been a problem. Having said that the weld looks virtually non-existent and is possibly a friction welded during manufacture.

Alan R, they are Part Nos. AHH6543A & AHH6544A.
Geoff King
13/07/2012 @  03:44
Drop Link Snapped Off
Hello Alan

I experienced the same problem on one occasion, but the failure occurred within five miles of the links installation, I presumed it was an isolated example of bad welding.

I rewelded the offending link by disconnecting it at the anti roll bar and swivelling it down to provide access for a MIG welder - dont forget to disconnect your battery if you adopt this approach, electric welders can 'severly damage your cars electrics' if the battery remains connected during the welding.
Bill McCullough
13/07/2012 @  18:15
Drop Link Snapped Off
Hi Alan,
Moss mention about putting an extra weld on the drop links when you look into the item description. But to me surely you would just manufacture the item correctly in the first place?

15 July 2012 @ 08:54
Anthony Wotherspoon
15/07/2012 @  17:35
Drop Link Snapped Off
Hi Anthony,

Do you have a link to the comment please? I couldnít see it on Moss Europe website: http://www.moss-europe.co.uk/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=12806 but I could be looking in the wrong place.

I certainly agree that it should be manufactured correctly in the first place but it seems to me that the quality of most things is deteriorating. Iíd like to see the U part of the drop link a little more substantial but every piece of material costs time any money and purchasers want the lowest selling price so everything is kept to minimum.

Rimmer Bros have substituted AHH6543A with AHH6543AP http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-AHH6543AP and looking at the photograph it definitely has more visible weld than mine but as I said earlier the drop links I have are not standard anyway.
Geoff King
15/07/2012 @  22:10
Drop Link Snapped Off
Hi Anthony,
I knew I read it somewhere, as you said it is on the Moss-Europe site and the quote is :
"It is recommended that the joint between the upper link and main stem should be strengthened with weld on the standard links" but as you say they should be manufactured correctly in the first place. Leading on from that, I ordered a replacement pair of drop links from a supplier in the UK last week which arrived on Friday and the quality of the R/H link was nothing short of a disgrace, the difference between the left and right drop link was chalk and cheese. I took some photo's of the link and emailed the supplier that day, to his credit he came back to me within a day and apologised for the poor quality and said he would check all his remaining stock and get back to me. I received an email this morning from him and he has sent all his remaining stock of these parts back to his supplier for replacement, not an isolated case so!! Unfortunately I think this type of thing is nothing new as regards the quality of replacement parts for our cherished vehicles.
Alan McLean
16/07/2012 @  23:27
Drop Link Snapped Off
How strange? It sounds like an admission that they know they were/are selling junk not fit for purpose to me...
JC Moulds
16/07/2012 @  23:39
Drop Link Snapped Off
Found it. http://www.moss-europe.co.uk/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=13357&SortOrder=1
Geoff King
17/07/2012 @  04:02
Drop Link Snapped Off
Looking at the webpage with your link, is Moss indicating that for an MGBGT and MGBGTV8 the "LINK, Outer, Competition/Rose Jointed" item is their replacement part?

BTW I have emailed Alan McLean and asked him if he could send me copies of the photos of the poor quality part as I would like to sweep the contents of this thread into a V8NOTE as they would provide a useful illustration of the concerns for fellow members who have been following this topic with interest.
Victor Smith
17/07/2012 @  16:22
Drop Link Snapped Off

MGS30791 is an alternative and interchangeable replacement for the standard AHH6543A/AHH6544A. It is similar but not identical to the drop links I have on my car as part of the John Hoyle tubular double wishbone coil over damper front suspension.

I wonder if there is anyone with a RV8 willing to share the details of the drop link fitted to their car. I know it is different to the MGB/V8 but the suspension is very similar and it would be interesting to see what MGRover changed.
Geoff King
17/07/2012 @  21:16
Drop Link Snapped Off
I have popped two documents on the V8 Website which will help some fellow members follow this thread. In one document

Drop link on an MGBGTV8
Extract from the MGB Workshop Manual AKD3259 showing the anti-roll bar link together with the photos provided by Alan McLean.

Drop link on an RV8
Extracts from the RV8 Repair Manual AKM7153ENG and the RV8 Parts Manual showing the anti-roll bar link.

V8 Webmaster
18/07/2012 @  01:57
Drop Link Snapped Off
Alan McLean has sent a further set of photos of the two drop links (one of which is damaged) and says the "drop links were ordered as a set (left and right) from the same supplier but as I said in my posting on the V8BB they are like chalk and cheese as regards quality and finish as you can plainly see." You can see them using the link:
V8 Webmaster
19/07/2012 @  05:21
Drop Link Snapped Off
As several members had wondered how the anti-roll bar links on the MGBGTV8 and RV8 models compared, Ron Gammons has very kindly got an example of each from the B&G parts stores and photographed them. Ron says "The photos compare the RV8 link (in the foreground) and the MGB V8 link. The overall dimensions are virtually identical. Both feature a friction weld joining the link rod to the attachment bracket. The RV8 bracket is more substantial that the MGB one but we have not known failures of the brackets on either, but there have been some failures with the MGB brackets from one supplier who we don't use. There doesn't seem any reason why the beefier RV8 one couldn't be used on the MGBV8 but they both have the friction weld, which it has to be said has served well over a million links on the MGB alone." You can see the photos via a link at:
V8 Webmaster
21/07/2012 @  05:54
Drop Link Snapped Off
Being a high-mileage user I become paranoid when I hear about basic parts involved in safety failing in service without giving any prior warning - e.g., as soon as the reports started coming about brake servo failures some years ago, I had a brand new one fitted together with all new pipes for the brake fluid. The recent failure of a drop link on a factory V8GT reported in the Bulletin Board was scary, so Ron Gammons' comments stating that the basic RV8 version was far sturdier and stronger but that the fixing the dimensions were virtually identical to those of the MGBV8GT convinced me to go ahead. Interestingly, none of the usual MG suppliers had the RV8 version available, but B & G had and they arrived here in Cornwall quite quickly. Fitting was quite easy - except for the fact that one of the original units could not be extracted from the new spring pan (fitted just five years ago) so the pan had to be removed and introduced to an oxy-acetylene torch. After fitting the track was re-checked and there had been no change. To be fair, the original drop-links fitted by Abingdon had lasted for 420K miles and showed no visible signs of cracking, but you can't be too careful!
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
13/08/2012 @  19:38
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